Building Homes You Want to Live in

AN Developments is a Singapore-based, privately owned company creating homes for families of today and the future. Each of its developments is individually tailored, working with a carefully chosen selection of Asia’s leading architects. Designs are intelligent, diverse, cutting edge and detailed, using only the finest materials and acknowledging environmental concerns. As well as building design, spatial planning is key to ensure the buildings make good home environments that facilitate interaction between family members.

The preservation of family values is key to all AN Developments’ building design, demonstrating the company’s clear dedication to build for the future without losing all that we hold dear.

Aside from developing residential properties in Singapore, AN Developments is also currently developing hotels and resorts overseas, all of which are enlivened by the same belief in concentrating on amazing experiences.

Our Philosophy

Each Bungalow is Unique

Each bungalow we develop has an exclusivity that is synonymous with individually tailored development. All our designs are imbued with a sense of place, of space and light, working across the building interiors and also the immediate surroundings.

Better Lives through Architecture

All our developments demonstrate a sensitive understanding of how families actually want to live, relax and interact. As well as building design, we place great importance in spatial planning to ensure the properties make good home environments that facilitate interaction between family members.

Delighting Families

We are committed to building high quality homes for families. We take great care and pay attention to details at every stage of the development of each property. From the site plan and the interior and exterior designs, to the specification of fixtures and fittings and the final finish.